24. helmikuuta 2017

My days here in Spain

Päivät täällä Espanjassa ovat kuluneet todella nopeasti. En jotenkin tajua, että olen ollut täällä jo kohta kolme viikkoa! Ja että reilun viikon päästä koittaa kotiinpaluu. Päivät ovat täällä kuluneet pääsääntöisesti samalla tavalla; aamulla olen tehnyt töitä, iltapäivästä ollaan käyty kävelemässä ja tutustumassa tähän ihanaan kaupunkiin ja illat olemme viettäneet rennosti kotosalla.

Days here in Spain have gone by really quickly. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I've been here almost three weeks already. And in a bit over a week I'm going home. My days here usually go about the same way; I work in the mornings, in the afternoon we go out for a walk and get to know this amazing place and the evenings we spend at home relaxing.

Pari päivää sitten yksi siskontytöistäni tuli myös tänne Espanjaan, joten taas saadaan kiertää nämä upeat maisemat uudestaan. Eilen taas tavalliseen tapaan tein aamupäivän töitä ja iltapäivästä lähdimme kolmistaan - minä, äitini ja siskontyttöni - kävelemään ympäri Torreviejaa.

A couple of days ago my niece flew here as well so now we have a reason to go through all these beautiful places again. Yesterday - as usual - I spent to morning working, in the afternoon we - me, my mom, and my niece - went out for a walk around Torrevieja.

Kävimme istumassa katukahvilassa nauttimassa kauniista säästä, kävimme Valorissa maistamassa churroja ja siitä sitten suuntasimmekin kohti rantaa. Illan suussa palattiin kotiin syömään ja nauttimaan rennosta koti-illasta - tavalliseen tapaan.

We found this beautiful street cafe and sat down to relax and enjoy the amazing weather, we went to Valor to taste some churros and then we headed to the beach. In the evening we went home, ate and just enjoyed a relaxed evening together - as usual.

Tällainen oli eilinen. Erittäin tyypillinen päivä minulle täällä Espanjassa. Ja nautin siitä todella paljon. Kuten äidillenikin olen jo sanonut "on vaikea stressata mistään kun näkee palmuja ympärillään".

This was yesterday. A very typical day for me here in Spain. And I enjoyed every second of it. Like I said to my mom "it's hard to feel stressed when you're surrounded by palm trees".

Ihanaa viikonloppua ja nähdään taas pian!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you soon!


21. helmikuuta 2017

Life update from Spain

Hei kaikki ihanaiset pitkästä aikaa! Tammikuu oli aika hurjan kiireinen minulle ja siksi minun oli laitettava sekä blogi että tube mahdollisimman pienelle teholle hetkeksi. Helmikuun alussa minulla alkoi sitten opintovapaa, jonka koin pakolliseksi, koska työmäärä opinnäytetyön, blogin, tuben ja omien projektieni kanssa alkoivat käymään aika suureksi. Nyt tuntuu, että olen saanut hieman höllätä ja taas olen saanut sen verran virtaa, että jaksaa taas painaa enemmän. 

Opintovapaani kun alkoi helmikuun alusta, lensin lähes heti tänne Espanjaan äitini luo, joka asuu täällä. Täällä olenkin siitä asti nyt ollut. Lähdin tänne alunperin vain menolipulla sillä ajatuksella, että ostan paluulipun kotiin sitten kun siltä tuntuu. Nyt olen viimein sen lipun ostanut ja olen palaamassa suomeen maaliskuun alkupuolella. Eli vielä parisen viikkoa saan täällä nauttia lämmöstä. Ihanaa!

Hello lovelies! January was super hectic for me and that's why I felt like I had to slow down with my blog and my YouTube channel for a while. In the beginning of February when my study leave from work started I flew to Spain to visit my mom who lives here. I've been here enjoying the sun since. 

During this month I feel like I've had some time to relax and get back on track. I just bought a flight ticket back to Finland so looks like I'm going back in the beginning of March. But I still have almost two weeks to enjoy the sun and warmth here. 

Täällä Espanjassa - Torreviejassa tarkalleen - olen viettänyt päivät kirjoitellen opinnäytetyötä, työstänyt omia projektejani, vloggaillut, käynyt kävelyillä ympäri kaupunkia äidin kanssa sekä tietenkin nyt myös kirjoitellut taas blogia. Pitkien "työpäivien" tekeminen on ollut välillä haasteellista, kun tuo upea sää niin lujasti vetää ulos.

Here in Spain - in Torrevieja to be exact - I've spent my days writing my thesis, doing my own projects, vlogging, walking around the city with my mom and of course now also blogging. You can only imagine how hard it has been sometimes to work long hours when there is such a beautiful weather outside. 

Paikkana tämä Torrevieja on aivan mielettömän kaunis. Suosittelen ehdottomasti käymään täällä joskus. Tänään täällä on taas lämmin sää ja pilvetön taivas, joten taidetaan lähteä äidin kanssa hieman kävelylle. Palaillaan taas pian!

Torrevieja is an amazing place and I highly recommend to visit this gorgeous place sometime. Today it's another beautiful sunny day here in Spain so I think me and my mom are gonna go out for a walk. See you soon!


14. helmikuuta 2017

How to stay focused

I work mainly from home. Alone. I write my thesis, I blog, I do YouTube videos, I'm building my own freelance business as well as the website for that.. As I have always a million and one things to get done I need to know how to get myself focused on the tasks at hand and more importantly how to stay focused and not get distracted.

Learning to do this has been a long journey. To be honest I'm still not completely there. But I have started to realize what helps me to stay focused and what are the things that destroy that focus. I wanted to share with you some of the things I've learned so far. Maybe if you're anything like me you might find some tips and tricks here that will work for you as well.

How to stay focused

Do a "brain dump" before you start working

For me hands down the most distracting thing in the world are those million thoughts and tasks that are constantly running around in my head. They keep me distracted because they usually are something I need to remember to do or check. I like to keep a notepad next to me and just jot down everything that's running around in my head. This way I can leave those thoughts alone since there is no more fear of forgetting them.

Create a work space that inspires you

After years of using our dining table as my work desk I've come to realize just how important it is to have a designated works space where you ENJOY spending time. A beautiful work space makes you WANT to sit down and get to work and it can give you so much more drive to get stuff done. Plus you will be so much more focused on your work.

Turn off all distractions

Now if you're one of those people who work well when there is a slight background noise then you can leave the TV on for that effect. Just make sure there's nothing on that you would want to watch. It's important to turn off anything that might distract you from your work. I feel like the most important things to turn off are your phone, social media and email as they have the power to destroy your focus real fast.

Listen to calming music

I noticed once when I was trying to write my thesis that the house was too quite. I couldn't focus. So I found some relaxing spa type music on Spotify and put that to play softly in the background. Suddenly I fell into this trance. I just wrote, wrote and wrote for hours on end until I realized what had happened. So far this has been the most powerful tool that I've found and I highly recommend you try this at least once.

Improve motivation

Sometimes it can be difficult to focus our energy into things that we don't consider beneficial to us. Things that we feel like we just HAVE TO do. What helps me is to sit down and think about my "why". WHY am I doing this? What's in it for me? Is this something that will take me closer to where I want to go? Most of the time the answer has been yes. This has helped me to gain motivation to do some tasks that many times I would have just considered useless.

Do only one thing at a time

When we try to do several things at once we just end up splitting our focus into small pieces. It always takes some time to shift our focus when we're shifting from one task to another. It takes a while to get that momentum going so if you're shifting your focus every half an hour you'll never get that momentum going. If you need to get three big tasks done in one day, choose one and give it your 100% focus until it's done. Only after completing the task move on to the next one. This will give you more drive to go deeper into your task.

Take small steps

Sometimes we face larger tasks that are difficult to start due to their size. I've noticed that if I chop that large task into smaller steps it's a lot easier to start. After I've done the first few steps I've already gained that momentum to keep me going. This is why I would suggest listing every small step you need to take in order to get your larger task done and then have a goal of completing just the first step. I guarantee that after completing the first step it's going to be so much easier to continue to the next step. And so on.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips that you've found to be beneficial to improving your focus. I would love to learn more!



3. helmikuuta 2017

20 ways to practice self-care

I love being busy. I always make sure I have million things going on at once and though I really enjoy this kind of life it can still be quite stressful. Working too much even if it's all only fun stuff can still burn you out so it's important to remember to take care of your mental health.

I've come to realize over the past years that relaxing always the same way with the same activity is not that beneficial to me. Doing something so much that it becomes almost a routine takes a lot of the relaxing power out of that activity.

I've noticed that I feel most relaxed after doing something that I don't do everyday or week or even a month. Breaking that habit and doing something different every time to take care of my mental health has definitely been the way to go.

20 ways to practice self-care

So instead of always relaxing by watching tv for example try to mix it up and try different kinds of relaxation methods to find the ones that work best for you. I would recommend having several different ways to relax and take care of your mental and physical well being and then take turns on them. This way those moments that you do take for yourself won't just fly by on autopilot.

I've listed down below 20 different ways to practice self-care. All things that I really enjoy doing. I hope you find something that appeals to you and I urge you to try at least few different ways to relax from this list.

20 ways to practice self-care:

  1. Do yoga
  2. Meditate
  3. Take a day off
  4. Have a bubble bath
  5. Go out for a walk
  6. Go to a coffee shop
  7. Watch your favorite TV-shows or movies
  8. Dance to your favorite music
  9. Watch the sunset
  10. Write in your journal
  11. Read a book
  12. Do something creative: paint, color, draw, write, play an instrument etc.
  13. Read inspirational quotes
  14. Create a dream board
  15. Do a puzzle
  16. Buy yourself flowers
  17. Call someone you love
  18. Learn something new
  19. Do something for the first time
  20. Have a beauty day

Let me know in the comments below what are some of YOUR favorite ways to practice self-care!