25. tammikuuta 2017

25 lists to make when you're feeling overwhelmed

I have always had a gift of making sure I keep busy and so it's no surprise that sometimes it all just starts to feel a little overwhelming. At night when I go to bed my mind just doesn't want to turn off. That overwhelm feels like your mind is on overdrive. It runs all your thoughts over an over again to the point where you start to feel stressed and a little bit dizzy.

Maybe this is where my love for lists comes from. Creating lists helps to get all my circling thoughts out so that my mind doesn't have to go over them time and time again. 

Writing everything down also makes me see the big picture. It makes me feel organized and in control. It also helps me to take a step closer to where I want to be. Because those lists that I just made are my road map for my dream life.

lists to make when feeling overwhelmed

So what are these lists that I keep talking about? Well they can be of whatever you want. Imagine that you take all the thoughts you have in your head and write them out one by one and categorize every thought to a suitable list. For example if the thought is "Someday I want to go to Rome" then that would belong to a list called "places I want to travel". Get the idea?

This kind of "brain dump" is a  really powerful way to stop feeling overwhelmed and gain back that feeling of control.

I thought I'd share some examples of these lists with you in case you're not sure where to begin. I hope these will help you get the ball rolling.

Lists to make when you're feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Books you want to read
  2. Movies & TV-shows you want to watch
  3. Places you want to travel
  4. To-do list
  5. A shopping list
  6. Meal plan for the week
  7. Bucket list - fun things you want to do
  8. Your goals for the week, month or year
  9. Your priorities/focus points for the week, month or year
  10. Things that are causing you stress
  11. Things that make you happy
  12. Things that you love about yourself
  13. Self-care activities or ideas
  14. Things that you are grateful for
  15. Your favorite inspirational quotes
  16. Your favorite positive affirmations
  17. Skills you want to learn
  18. Hobbies you want to try
  19. Recipes you want to try
  20. Restaurants & Cafe's that you want to try
  21. Songs that always make you feel better
  22. Gift ideas for loved ones
  23. Appointments you need to make (dentist, doctor, bank etc.)
  24. Key dates for the year (birthdays, events, holidays etc.)
  25. Things you dream about


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