19. tammikuuta 2017

10 tips: How to form a new habit

We all have either some healthy new habits we would like to start or some bad habits we would love to get rid of. Either way we tend to be a bit impatient when it comes to developing new habits. We expect to change our entire behavior in one night and then feel bad about ourselves when we can't make our new habits stick. Sound familiar?

Well I have some good news for you! Creating a new habit or changing a bad habit is actually easier than you think. In this post I share with you 10 amazingly powerful tips that are going to help you develop those new habits and make sure that they stick. Let's dive in!

How to form a new habit

1. Start small. If you want to form a habit of going for a jog 5 days a week I would recommend starting with just one day a week and then adding up. The more you need to invest time and effort to your new habit the harder it is to accomplish especially in the beginning. By starting small completing the task is going to feel so much easier. Therefore you are less likely to skip it.

2. Focus on one new habit at a time. Don't try to change your entire behavior in one night as that is sure way to fail. Instead try focusing on forming just one new habit at a time. Once you feel comfortable about that habit and you feel like you've made it stick then you can add a new habit to the mix.

3. Set up reminders. Sometimes in the beginning of starting to build a brand new habit we simply forget to do it. As it's not something we're used to doing we might end up laying in bed at night and remembering "oh I was supposed to do that!". I would recommend setting up reminders for your phone. These reminders will help you stay on track.

4. Make it a part of your routine. I'm a big fan of routines. I feel like so many things are so much easier to do when you've created a routine. When you have routine of doing something you begin to do it "on autopilot". You do these tasks automatically without giving it much of thought. This can be a real game changer when trying to build a new habit.

5. Think about your why. Why do you want this change? Is it about taking care of your health or reaching a specific goal? Think about the reason behind this habit. Make sure it's something that you create for YOU. Don't make a habit that other people think you should have. Make it ONLY because YOU want it. This makes sure that you're motivated to keep that habit.

6. Figure out what your challenges are. When you've decided to form a new habit but then end up not doing it try to analyze why. What part was difficult for you? What obstacle did you face? After that try to make adjustments that eliminate that obstacle. For example maybe you wanted to start a habit of drinking more water but then after that one glass felt like the kitchen was too far so you never ended up getting another glass of water. Maybe in this case you could pour a big jug of water and place it next to you. This way the water would always be at hands reach. So find your obstacles and eliminate them.

7. Tell someone about your new habit. Telling someone about your new habit puts just the right amount of pressure on yourself to make you work on that habit. You will feel more accountable for completing those tasks.

8. Visualize. Visualization has always been said to be one of the most powerful ways to shape our mindset. It makes us believe that we are already doing something and thus makes us more determined on completing our tasks. So visualize yourself doing this new habit regularly. It's truly amazing how powerful this trick actually is.

9. Create a 30 day challenge! Although there is no specific number of days that it takes to successfully form a new daily habit since this varies from person to person I would recommend focusing on the 30 day mark. Though if your habit is something you do only once or twice a week maybe that 30 days is not a sufficient amount of time to make that habit stick. In this case I would recommend trying a 90 day challenge instead. 

10. Write it down. Writing down your new habit will make it more real for you and it helps you focus on your end goal. It reminds you of the promise you made for yourself and keeps you accountable.

Hope you found these tips helpful and good luck on forming those new habits!



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